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Srikripa Krishna Prasad-Diya Greenberg

Srikripa is a Canadian university student studying both the social sciences and biochemistry, and yet she has only a vague inkling of what she wants do with her life. Aside from succumbing to the resulting existential panic she faces every day, she also enjoys writing short stories and plotting novels, daydreaming, and passionately ranting about the world’s impending collapse. She is beyond excited to have discovered and become part of the audio drama community.

Méabh de Brún-Aoife Ní Caillte

Méabh de Brún is a guerrilla actor, Francis MacManus Award finalist and Arcade Award nominated playwright. Her writing has featured in The Stinging Fly, Mysterion Magazine, Imbas Books and at A third-rate charlatan and penny gaff player, she throws shapes on twitter as @MeabhdeBrun.

Read Ruddick-Tik

Read is a college student on the East Coast, aspiring voice actor, and absolute nerd. Their hobbies include reading, listening to podcasts, and attempting to do both at the same time and failing spectacularly. At any given moment, you can find them daydreaming about how much better life would be in zero gravity.


Aurora Balogh-Zanin-Tok

Aurora Balogh-Zanin is the creator of Sinking Feelings Productions and the audio drama podcast Aqua Marianas, but is really loving voice-acting in Modern Fae. He likes cats, paleontology, and art. Tumblr: @captain-lovelace. Twitter: @protocaridid.


Shayan Ardalan-Mr. Enki

Shayan is an actor travelling and working between the States and Iran. He begrudgingly feeds the neighborhood cats but curses them under his breath, wishing they were birds instead. Sometimes he forgets which of the two countries he works in he's in and drives on the wrong side of the road. Both countries drive on the same side. He's still hoping this excuse holds up in court.


Dzifa is a full time student who can be found doing everything but studying. She is an aspiring historian and is new to the podcast scene. She can be found screaming in 140 characters on twitter as @afrhoe and more than 140 on Tumblr as @capaldys.


Nicolo Scolieri-Isimud

Nicolo Scolieri’s ear is out for sound stories. He works as a field recordist, a musician, and an audio archivist. He loves making radio and making food, because a good story is like a good meal. Tweets at @nicoloonline.


Jing Jing Wang-Mustardseed

Jing Jing Wang is a young student, hyped and stressed for college, who has just started exploring the creation side of podcasting. They are passionate about a bit of everything and spend their time focusing on visual art, theatre, writing, choreography, and numerous types of community work. Their work can be found in both The Stranger and the thirty plus sketchbooks stuffed into their bookshelf. They can’t wait for whatever they’ll get up to next! Instagram @jingshiwang01.


Antoinette Berry-Snowden-Norna/Pearl

Antoinette Berry-Snowden is new to the podcasting scene, and is here to make a mark. Her voice is soon to pop up in a few up and coming podcasts, including her own, "Beginners Without a Guide" - a dnd actual play podcast wherein none of the players, or the DM for that matter, know how to play DnD. In addition to podcasting she enjoys drawing, and her digital works can be found at @notsoheadlessdraws on tumblr. She herself can be found at @notsoheadless on tumblr as well.

Shivangi Sikri-Kalyani/Ananta

Shivangi Sikri is a versatile talent. At any given time, you may find her chewing on a red correction pen, mixing tracks on her laptop, or singing into a Yeti (the mic, not the mythical ape). At a mere five feet, she might be too short for select roller coasters, but her voice will still tower over you. Her loud and proud work may be found in Germ Magazine, The Garden Statuary, and Ubyssey Magazine.

eva10 - Final copy.jpg

Eva Shah-Saraswathi Greenberg

Eva is an actor based in Chicago. She has worked on a couple of short films, several theater productions, and appeared in an episode for a national game show for Fox network. She enjoys reading, cooking, trying new restaurants and traveling.


Rose Anne Rabut-Selena

Rose is a singer-actor based in New York. A classically trained musician and lover of musical theater, she is excited to be a part of Modern Fae. When not wondering about what truly defines a serving of vegetables or attempting to improve her piano playing skills, she spends her time analyzing harmonies in pop music.​


Eleon Clark-Fred/Various Roles

Eleon Clark is a non-binary voice actor, writer, and aspiring astronaut working out of London, England. When they’re not writing, recording, or studying, they spend their time playing video games, listening to podcasts, and saying “hey, wanna hear a fun fact?” They can be found on Twitter at @EleonClarkVA.

Tyler Ho-Mr. Washi

Mark Lee - Headshot 1.jpg

Mark Lee-Mr. Karasu

Mark is super excited to be on this project! He lives in NJ and loves anything and everything about voice acting. Mark also does some improv in NYC. He loves Legend of Zelda and admits to clocking in over 120 hours in Breath of the Wild. In his spare time, he also eats a lot of food. Feel free to check out his voice demos at

Follow him on instagram @mark_is_lee !

Cole Jenson-Neal Watson

Cole Jenson is a recent college grad based in North Carolina. His interests in Music Administration, Neuroscience research, and musical theatre have so far all still coincided with the triangle area, the multifaceted-ness of which astounds him every day. This is his first podcast, and he is very excited.

David Thomas Tao Headshot.png

David Thomas Tao-An-Enlilda

David Thomas Tao is a voice actor and entrepreneur based in New York City. A native of Kentucky and graduate of Harvard University, David's work spans radio, animation, and sports color commentary. He's the co-founder of and was recently featured in Forbes 30 Under 30 list for Media.


Lucille Valentine-Vanessa

Lucille Valentine is a desert rat masquerading as a voice actor, poet, visual artist, and LGBTQ+ community advocate whose works often include themes of poverty, womanhood, queer and trans experience, along with whatever her current existential crisis is. You can hear her acting in the podcasts The Six Disappearances of Ella McCray, Hit the Bricks, and Zoo, or by pressing your ear up against a cactus skeleton on a windy night. She’s happiest reading poetry to be sad on purpose and when surrounded by hostile flora. You can find her aggravating every grammar elitist over on twitter @severelytrans.

Caleb Arellano-Aibell




Rory Eggleston-Creator/head writer

Oscillating wildly between studying ecology and throwing all of her energy into theatrical pursuits, Rory is a newly minted Master's student. She dove into the audio drama scene by acting in Aqua Marianas (the OG Sinking Feelings Productions podcast) as Andrew Federman, and from there knew that she wanted to make something in this amazing medium. Thus, Modern Fae was born. She loves birds, reading, and pretending to be on top of things. She can be found on tumblr as @transroadwarrior and on Twitter as @reggles15.

Pidj Sorensen-Writer

Pidj is an Australian student of psychology and computer science and has been writing as long as they can remember. Storytelling is in their blood, as a member of the Jawoyn mob. They love mythology and folklore in all it's forms, and also has a podcast of their own, under the name Dear Cassiopea.


Jacqueline Cho-Writer

Jacqueline Cho is a writer, creator, and professional existential crisis-er based out of Canada. She is more than thrilled to be working with the various talented other people involved with Modern Fae. She is the founder of the Multiversal Podcasting Network, creator of the Three and a Half Wishes podcast, and writes for the upcoming podcast Patient Omega. Follow her on Tumblr @resistingexistence and on Instagram @jacqueline__cho.


Lia Eggleston-Writer/Sabbia

Lia Eggleston is a student in the US who doesn’t know what she wants to do with her life, and is totally fine with that. She thoroughly enjoys learning different languages, whether spoken by people or computers, and can often be found dancing or playing her cello as well. She can currently be found in her screenwriting classes, killing it at a dance-off, or belting musicals with her friends.

Ciaran Roberts-Writer

Ciaran is a freelance writer currently working on her first novel. She has been a panellist at several conferences on issues of representation in media, and fandom culture, and presented a paper on fanfiction and creative writing at the 2015 MIX Digital conference. As well as her MA, Ciaran has a BA in East Asian Studies, and a CELTA, which led to a year spent teaching English in Poland. She lives in Yorkshire, and when not writing, can be found playing video games, sculpting, and running from zombies.



Oliver Morris-Composer/Producer

Oliver is a sound designer and composer and amateur philosopher. He has an opinion on everything and none of them are correct. His favourite things are working on his podcast "Kane and Feels: Paranormal investigators" and sitting on a bench doing nothing. He also voices Narcissus.

Nicolo Scolieri-Composer/Producer

For more information about Nicolo, see his profile in the cast section.

Rory Eggleston-Producer

For more information about Rory, see her profile in the writers section.

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